Ascenify is the Go-To company for personal and team growth and testifies of significant success stories for individuals and organizations. Ascenify is derived from the word ASCEND – TO RISE UP. An indicator of pinnacle achievement

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About Us

Ascenify (U) Ltd herein after referred to Ascenify is a firm that provides a comprehensive range of services designed to meet the client’s needs and expectations. It provides a conducive platform for Personal development, Management training and Consultancy services by delivering mindset interventions at individual and group level with similar or related objectives. Ascenify boasts of a wide range of skills and expertise which are leveraged against a range of professionals, strong networks across the public and private sector all positioned to provide technically correct training aligned with not only the national but global setting.

Ascenify objectives majorly focus on 4 pillars: Personal Development, Performance Management, Leadership skills and Financial Literacy and Debt Collection. Ascenify’ s strength lies in its experienced directors with almost two decades career and business experience excellence in addition to partnering with other highly skilled and sought after international consultants, which together bring out the best practices and knowledge transfer across the globe. Ascenify delivers with Passion, Poignant and proficient techniques.

Core Values



Life is 80% how you react to it. At Ascenify, we look on the positive side of the situation and help our clients form a positive thinking and belief. Humans are responsible for their  own happiness and objectivity is key as regards positivism and negativism.



We embark on an assessment to appreciate and understand one as an individual and deliver a specialized tailor made approach to suit each individual thus meeting the need more effectively.



With the team of highly skilled trainers, we are result oriented and avoid wasting materials, energy, efforts, money, and time in delivering our programs while attaining the desired result



Aligning our best foot forward, at Ascenify we always deliver a common thing in a unique way. We endeavor to exceed expectations. 'Perfection is not attainable, but if we chase perfection, we can catch excellence 'Perfection is not attainable, but if we chase perfection, we can catch excellence.' -unknown



Information flow is handled in utmost confidentiality both at individual and company level thus promoting integrity.

Services-Personal Development

Goal Setting, tracking and Personal Effectiveness

Managing self and others while utilizing all the resources available to master one’s life and achieve both work and life goals within minimal time and effort

The Art of Public Speaking

Public speaking is a skill worth learning that it could be the deciding factor in many things such as your career development, your business growth and even in the relationships you have with your friends and family.

Belief Building

Self belief is vital. Many fail to believe in themselves because others didn't believe in them. Belief building in oneself and learning to cast belief in your teammates and subordinates will propel you to achieve much more than you imagined. At Ascenify, you will learn the tips and skills that will enable you reach for the sky

Financial Advisory

Personal and Company financial advisory services. Getting into letting money work for you, how to make and manage and invest and expand funds. Equips individuals with the knowledge and skills to manage money effectively. Planning debit and managing debt and equipping Organizations in managing debtors for your company.

Services-Performance Management

Team dynamics and conflict resolution

Dynamics are created by the personalities involved and how they interact. Understanding how personalities best relate can lead to the best teamwork and deliver exceptional results

Customer Experience

Brands have to be accurate, dependable, and provide the service they guaranteed. The opportunity lies in the ability to deliver what you promised and surprise your customer with extra care and support creating brand ambassadors.

Leadership skills- becoming a person of influence

It’s paramount to grow your leadership skills to enable you to become a person of influence. And it’s known that everything raises and falls on leadership, so as a company or organization, its key to ensure your management staff are supported by continuous training and enhancement courses in leadership

Motivational talks

Motivation is an internal impulse that brings us to complete an action. Without motivation, there is no action. Motivation is that key which can open up lost souls makes miracles come alive in varied lives of people. Feeling down, lost or confused then motivation is something which can pull you upwards by igniting your heart with rays of hope. It is an essential part of our lives

Our Team

Our purpose is to inspire and enable current and emerging leaders, persons who value excellence to perform at their very best. With sound education experience, well done research and a combined specialist experience of over 21 years, our custom/tailored leadership and professional development programs strengthen capability, accelerate and improve learning and empower talent



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